Welcome to Along The Winding Trail

Welcome to Along The Winding Trail

Hey, my name’s Callum, or Tom if you’re my Starbucks barrister, and welcome to my little blight on the internet, a vaguely humorous travel blog called, ‘Along The Winding Trail.’ Here, I’ll be detailing my misadventures, as I slowly stumble around the globe, with the world’s smallest  backpack. 

Humorous Travel Blog Along The Winding Trail

Mission Statement

I’ve noticed a lot of great travel websites have got mission statements, detailing how they’re going to help you save money and travel the world. I have a great website (stop sneering you at the back,) so why can’t I have a mission statement?

  1. Knob gags are king. No matter if you’re five or fifty, Malaysian or Indian, everyone, and I mean everyone finds knob gags funny. Except your mother-in-law, she doesn’t, the only thing she’d find funny is your grave.
  2. Lower your IQ level. Being intelligent is over-rated, on this website I guarantee to lower your IQ by at least five points, or your money back.
  3. Not to help you to travel the world. Most blogs, want to help you, yes, you dear common reader to travel the world. But maybe you don’t want to, maybe you’re perfectly fine with a 9-5 job, raising a family, and living five minutes away from you parents. That’s okay. That’s fine. 
  4. Entertain you. Through misadventures, such as getting chased by a Cambodian lorry driver, mugged by a monkey and poisoned by an assassin. I hope you’ll be at least, a little entertained by my exploits. And remember kids, don’t try this at home. 
  5. Show a different side of the world. Bit more serious this one, through the musings section, I hope to combine short form journalism, with long form storytelling, delving into deeper topics on the places I travel too. Such as the refugee crisis in Greece and Rohingya Genocide in Burma, you won’t find luxury hotels or cruises here. 

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